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Dominic Rebelo


Rhino Ark Charitable Trust

Rhino Ark Charitable Trust

It’s Rhino Charge time and I am writing to ask once again for your support in raising funds for this worthy cause, namely the safeguarding the vital water tower habitats of Kenya, primarily through ...


  15 reactions



Tunajiweza Girl Empowerment Project

Tunajiweza Girl Empowerment Project

Tunajiweza Girl Empowerment Project is an initiative that uses sports, leadership and education as a tool to reach out to the girls between the age of 10-25. This project gives the girls a platform ...


  15 reactions

Emmanuel Wabwire


school fee

school fee

I did kcse year 2013. I have been yearning to join any of kmtc but capital is problem. I got a mean grade of B at Khasoko high ...


  8 reactions

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About mPatia

mPatia is a Kenya-based crowdfunding platform allowing users to easily raise funds for important causes. mPatia allows you to quickly organise fundraisers or 'harambees' in a simple and efficient way and to engage with others in your extended circle by sharing photos, commenting and reacting to others' posts.


Its Mission

The word ‘patia’ means ‘to give’ in Swahili. mPatia's mission is to stay true to its name by encouraging giving for the public benefit, ultimately building an African community of people that lend each other a hand. Empathy is at the core of its ethos.

How it Works

How it Works

mPatia is a mobile and web-based platform that allows users to raise funds for causes from their extended network and the general public, and to give for the benefit of others’ causes. The application facilitates fundraisers via mobile money and credit card. The Beta version, available on the PlayStore, is undergoing Beta testing.


  • Name your cause
  • State amount
  • Indicate length of fundraiser
  • Tell your story
Name your cause


  • Add Photos
Add Photos


  • Preview
  • Submit
  • Start fundraising
Preview and publish


  • Share your cause on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or by SMS
  • Comment on a cause
  • React to a cause
Share on Social Media


  • Easily share mPatia with contacts on your phone
Share with your contacts


  • Donate now or set a pledge reminder if you cannot today but would like to donate later
Donate or pledge

Fundraising tips

Ways to maximise your fundraising efforts with mPatia

Upload photos
Upload photos

Fundraisers with photos are more likely to attract attention and draw other users to your cause. If you can upload photos related to the cause or beneficiary of the cause, you should do so.

Write a compelling description
Write a compelling description

Fundraisers with detailed descriptions regarding why you need the funds are more likely to attract donations from people willing to help.

Use of funds
Use of funds

Be specific about what the money is going towards. This provides transparency and will reassure the donors that their donation is going towards a worthy cause.

Share cause early
Share cause early

A large percentage of a fundraiser’s funds will be raised in the first few days. As soon as you create the cause, make sure to share it with your extended circle via Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook and/or Twitter using the ‘Share’ button in the bottom menu of your cause.

Share to the right crowd
Share to the right crowd

Think carefully about who is likely to donate to your cause among your friends, family and community members and ensure that you share the cause with them. Encourage them to share the cause with their networks to expand your donor pool to the wider public.

About the Founder

Luisa Cetina

Luisa Cetina is half Mexican and half Colombian, and spent the latter half of her childhood in Kenya where she currently lives with her family and feels deeply rooted. After graduating high school, Luisa moved to Canada to pursue her undergraduate and graduate studies.  After spending almost a decade practicing as a corporate litigator at a large international law firm in New York, Luisa and her family decided to move back to Kenya.

During her time in Kenya, Luisa has come face to face with the plight of those seeking to efficiently raise funds for causes of vital importance (from funerals, to school fees, to medical bills and beyond), a task which is particularly onerous in a part of the world where the majority remain unbanked, and credit is difficult to obtain.  She now aims to provide a simple solution that will help many.


mPatia is looking for a driven, hard-working and creative intern to assist with operations and marketing functions, including customer support, data analysis, basic accounting and marketing and advertising. No prior experience required, but university students studying in areas related to the above fields are preferred. If you want to get involved with an up-and-coming start-up with the potential to help thousands of people, mPatia is the place for you. You must be a fast learner, technology minded and eager to jump right in.

Please send applications to .

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